Healthy Brain: How to Avoid Dementia

Everyone wants a healthy brain. Those of us who are from the baby-boomer generations are especially concerned about dementia. Many of us have witnessed relatives or friends succumb to Alzheimer's ... [Continue Reading]

7 Steps to Restore Hormonal Balance

How to Achieve Hormonal Balance and Optimal Health Being "Hormonal" Hormones fluctuate throughout our life cycle, and this is a natural and important process for our health and well-being as women. ... [Continue Reading]

Health Benefits of Ginger

Chinese herbal medicine is, on one hand, an extremely complicated and involved science. There are hundreds of medicinal herbs, many with potent pharmacological effects, which are blended and mixed in ... [Continue Reading]

The Skinny on Weight Loss: Ten Truths

Weight loss is a balancing act. A balance between calories in, and calories burned.  In vs out. To control your weight, or to reduce your weight, requires a combined effort of reducing the number of ... [Continue Reading]

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Presentation by Tyler N Andres, MAcOM, EAMP, LAc Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine September 12 (Thursday) at 6:30 pm September 24 (Tuesday) at 6:30 pm   Come meet Tyler N Andres, ... [Continue Reading]

5 Biggest Acupuncture Myths

What are the acupuncture myths? There are plenty of myths with reference to acupuncture. Most of them are false; few of them are true; some are half-truths. Read more to learn the 5 Biggest Myths of ... [Continue Reading]

Dyslipidemia and Your Cholesterol: Making a Difference

  The Problem Cardiovascular disease affects us all: it is the leading cause of death and disease in the United States: Atherosclerosis. We call these “cardiovascular events.” If, like half ... [Continue Reading]

Bioidentical Hormones: The Truth of the Matter

There are many questions these days regarding hormone therapy for the menopausal woman: whether to take them or not, and if so, which kind? Controversy The truth of the matter is that there is a ... [Continue Reading]

What is Reiki Massage: Energy Medicine and Healing Using Energy

Healing Using Energy Energy Healing, or Energy Medicine, is one of the principal tenets of holistic healing. Energy healing includes healing and wellness principles that extend beyond the ... [Continue Reading]

What is Your Risk for Breast Cancer?

Breast Health and Your Risk Some Statistics: 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer. Breast cancer is the leading cause of new cancers in women, accounting for 31% of all cancers in ... [Continue Reading]

Food is Medicine: Optimizing Your Health The Easy Way With Great Nutrition

Nutritional Medicine Regardless of your health goals - losing weight, improving aerobic endurance, reducing cancer risk, or simply optimizing your overall, holistic health - nutrition and diet ... [Continue Reading]

Breast Health and Nutrition: How to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Nutrition and Breast Health Last time here we briefly reviewed your risk of breast cancer, based only on demographics, on statistics. These  included the genetic component - family- that contributes ... [Continue Reading]

Welcome to Spirit of Health Wellness Clinic & Learning Center

The Spirit of Health Wellness Clinic & Learning Center OUR MISSION is to create an environment and opportunities for patients and staff to experience a holistic inclusive approach to their health ... [Continue Reading]