What is Reiki Massage: Energy Medicine and Healing Using Energy

Healing Using Energy

Energy Healing, Energy Medicine

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Energy Healing, or Energy Medicine, is one of the principal tenets of holistic healing. Energy healing includes healing and wellness principles that extend beyond the biomedical science model of Western Medicine. Some principles of energy healing can be integrated into “conventional” Western medicine. So: What is Reiki? There are many categories of energy healing, including Reiki, sometimes referred to as Reiki Massage:

– Energy (esotericism)
– Chromo therapy
– Electromagnetic therapy
– Polarity therapy
– Reiki
– Therapeutic touch

Each of these areas of energy healing is based on its own principles and origins. The outcomes of many energy healing approaches are predictable; this is believed to be evidence that they are based at least partly on science. The role of energy associated with humans is being accepted as fact. Areas of energy healing that were historically dismissed, are now finding some basis in science. For example, human aura may be explained by electromagnetism. Such energy is considered fact; these are referred to as “veritable energy.” Electromagnetic Therapy is an example of veritable energy therapy. Light therapy is an example of Electromagnetic Therapy, and is routinely used in Neonatal Intensive Care by Western medicine today. However “radiation therapy” that is used in conventional medicine (in oncology, for example) does not fall into this category

Putative Energy Healing therapies include the following:

– Acupuncture
– Qigong – Others that involve the notion of Qi are included under this category, such as Reiki
– Homeopathy
– Therapeutic Touch

A Further Look At Putative Energy Therapies

Qigong is an area of energy healing that deserves further investigation. Qigong is based on the energy of the human body. The body has a healing energy deep within itself. The goal of some engery therapies is to boost that innate energy to help heal mind and body. Both touch and extreme focus are used by some healing arts to master body energy for healing.

The therapies of Qigong accumulate, circulate, and work with Qi (pronounced chi). Often, Qi is associated with deep breathing, but Qi is not limited to deep breathing alone. The higher levels or the more evolved forms of Qi are used to focus on particular energy centers in and around the body.

In Chinese, Qi means breath, or “life force.” In Chinese, ‘gong’ means disciplined work. This term was coined in the twentieth-century with the desire to separate the discipline from superstition. “Qigong” also preserves the eminent tradition of the Chinese healing arts.

How Qigong is practiced depends on the goals and needs of the individual. Qigong may be practiced as a therapy; to maintain spiritual or physical wellness; and even as part of Chinese martial arts. Some may call upon the qi for different reasons when in different positions in life. Qigong might be used to treat an acute illness, but may be continued as a means of maintaining spiritual and physical health.

What is Reiki

The Usui system of healing includes Reiki energy healing. The Usui system of healing is named after the Buddhist Monk that developed it in the 20th century. It uses the basis of qi in its therapies to harness the positive energy of the practitioner and pass it on to the client so their body can harness their own power of self-healing. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese words “Rei” (spiritual) and “ki” (energy). Literal translation of “Reiki” means “spiritual life force.” Learn more from Greg Reid, our Reiki Master and certified Q5 practitioner.

Specific techniques are used to restore and balance the Qi in both Reiki and Usui energy healing.

Energy healing touches all levels of wellness:

– Body
– Mind
– Spirit

What do YOU Think About Bio-Energy Medicine?

Some people have trouble grasping things that they cannot put their hands on. Energy therapies come under much attack and the efficiency is often questioned. Some people say that these so-called forms of therapy are all explained away with science and that they do not have healing properties themselves, and that the healing of such believers comes from elsewhere.

Yet, it is undeniable that we are surrounded by invisible energy forces.The success of other forms of energy healing will follow the example of light therapy as a standard treatment in our modern neonatal intensive care units.

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