Join us for a Journey of a Lifetime: Peru 2017

Journey to Peru with Dr. Sheila MitchellJourney to Peru 2017

Journey of a Life Time!

Come Join Us for a Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Journey

Journey to Peru with Dr. Sheila Mitchell

Dr. Ruben Orellana

You will travel to diverse areas throughout Peru, and visit ancient, magnificent sites that were built long ago. You will experience the grand energy of these sites, and learn the Andean cosmology of health and healing. This is as much a spiritual/introspective journey as it is an exciting physical, external journey through the wonders of an ancient culture. Dr. Ruben Orellana, PhD and former lead archaeologist of Machu Picchu for 20 years, will be our guide: he has extensive knowledge and insight into the ancient Andean cultures and their cosmology. Let’s explore and learn together! Come join us next September, 2017…

Journey to Peru with Dr. Sheila Mitchell


(KEY: B = breakfast / L = lunch / D = dinner)

SEPTEMBER 2: Participants should arrive into Lima before midnight, where Oscar will be waiting to transport us to Hotel Limaq for the evening to rest before our morning flight.

SEPTEMBER 3: Breakfast will be at 7:45 AM, after which we will transfer to the Lima Airport to take our flight to Cusco, arriving at 11:20 AM into Cusco. In Cusco, we will have lunch, and then begin our journey to the Valley of Urubamba. Along the way, we will visit the fascinating concentric terraces of Maray, which were used in the Incan times as a laboratory to grow and study plants. We will continue to the salt mines of Maras, where from Pre-Incan times, medicinal salt was obtained by evaporation in small pools fed by a natural, salt spring. Leaving that area, we will arrive at our hotel in Urubamba, Hotel Iorana, to rest and then have dinner. After dinner, we will engage in a ceremony called a Despacho, which is an offering to Mother Earth. The ceremony will be led by a Paco (healer), and we will ask the Great Spirit and Mother Earth to assist and watch over us in our personal pilgrimage in this sacred land. After this spectacular day of adventure, we will need some good rest! B-L-D

Journey to Peru with Dr. Sheila Mitchell

Dining with New Friends


Journey to Peru with Dr. Sheila Mitchell

Herb Class

SEPTEMBER 4: After breakfast, we will travel to the lovely, ancient town of Ollantaytambo, and will take the Vistadome train to Aguas Calientes (the city at the base of Machu Picchu), to arrive at 10:30 AM. After arriving, we will check into our Hotel Inti, and have lunch in the village. We will then explore the magical site of Machu Picchu in the afternoon, and return to town at 6 PM to have dinner and relax. At 8:45 PM, we have special, exclusive time at the hot springs, where we will experience a pleasant rebirthing ceremony in the water with relaxing sounds from bells. We will sleep like babies afterwards. B-L-D

Journey to Peru with Dr. Sheila Mitchell


SEPTEMBER 5: In the morning, you can choose to visit Machu Picchu on your own, ascend Huayna Picchu, explore the town, or just rest and meditate. We need to know who will return to Machu Picchu and who will ascend Huayna Picchu, as tickets must be bought in advance. Afterwards, we will meet and have lunch in Aguas Calientes. We will then return to Ollantaytambo by the Vistadome, and arrive at 6 PM. The bus will take us to our hotel in Urubamba, where you have the OPTION of engaging in a healing ceremony with San Pedro. We will have a discussion of the ceremony before hand. Dinner is at Hotel Iorana. B-L-D


Journey to Peru with Dr. Sheila MitchellSEPTEMBER 6: After breakfast, we will have a meeting with a local healer (Hampeq) who will show us the different medicinal plants that exist in the valley and how they are used in treatment. At 9:30 AM, we will go to the local market of Urubamba to see the variety of agricultural products produced in the area, as well as medicinal plants. We will then continue to the fascinating, ancient ceremonial site of Urco, where we will have a short ceremony with rattling to connect with the basic energy of Mother Earth. We will then continue to Pisac, and have lunch. In the afternoon, we will visit the archaeological site there and see the interesting cemetery and the great agricultural/hydraulic complex. Afterwards, we will travel to Cusco, and arrive at our Hotel Munay Wasi Inn. In the evening, you have free time to explore the city and have dinner on your own. Adriel Garay will accompany our group today to engage in coca leaf readings if you wish. This is a special gift that some Healers have of reading answers to your questions by how the coca leaves fall when the healer releases them. It’s quite fascinating, and I have had some very exact, true answers from the readings. B-L


SEPTEMBER 7: After breakfast, we will visit the archaeological park of Saqsayhuaman, beginning with Tambomachay, Puca Pucara and Q’enko. These are fascinating, huge structures, where each stone is a different shape and size, and are fit together perfectly without mortar. We will have lunch, and then visit the wonderful ancient site of Tipon, with beautiful terraces and incredible irrigation canals. The group will then return to Cusco, and have some time to explore the city or rest. We will gather in the evening to have dinner with music and folk dancing. Adriel Garay will again accompany us for anyone who wants a coca leaf reading. B-L-D


Journey to Peru with Dr. Sheila MitchellSEPTEMBER 8: After breakfast, we will leave from the Cusco airport to arrive in Puerto Maldonado at 1 PM. There, we will take the bus to go to the port on the Rio Madre de Dios, where will we take a boat downstream for about 1 hour 45 minutes to our Lodge Eco Amazonia. We will have lunch, and then a discussion in the afternoon with the Healer Amador Aniseto to explain about the medicine plant, Ayahuasca, and its usage. We will rest in the afternoon, and have an OPTIONAL Ayahuasca Ceremony in the evening. The lodge has a special room for these ceremonies (Maloca). B-L


SEPTEMBER 9: Following breakfast, we will walk through the jungle with our guide for a lesson on the flora and fauna, and then return to the lodge to have lunch. In the afternoon, we will visit Monkey Island and learn about life there, and then return to the hotel for dinner. In the evening, you can swim in the pool, and afterwards, we will have a discussion on Andean cosmology regarding life and health. B-L-D


Journey to Peru with Dr. Sheila MitchellSEPTEMBER 10: After breakfast, we will walk to “Lost Lake” to learn about medicinal plants of the forest, and then return for lunch. In the afternoon, we will travel by boat to Rio Briolo in Tambopata National Reserve, and explore the area to see wildlife, including colorful parrots and macaws. We will return to the lodge to visit the botanical gardens there. After dinner, those who wish can explore the river at night by boat to observe the “night life”, including caimans. For those who wish to participate, there will be a second Ayahuasca Ceremony tonight. B-L-D


SEPTEMBER 11: Following breakfast, we will return by boat to Puerto Maldonado. There, we will explore the city and go to the market before being transported to the airport to fly to Lima and arrive at 6:30 PM. We will be transported to our Hotel Habitad in Miraflores (a very safe and interesting area of Lima), and you will have time to explore the area and have dinner on your own. B-L


SEPTEMBER 12: After breakfast, we will travel by bus along the coast to visit the pre-Incan ceremonial archaeological site of Pachacamaq. We will then travel to the village of Chincha to have lunch. After lunch, we will visit a family of musicians who are descendants of African immigrants who arrived in Peru in the 16th century. We will then travel to Pisco, where we will have dinner and rest at our Hotel San Jorge. B-L-D


Journey to Peru with Dr. Sheila MitchellSEPTEMBER 13: At 7:30 AM, after breakfast, we will travel to the port of Paracas and take the boat to visit Ballestas Island. There, we will see penguins, sea lions and sea birds, as well as the petroglyph called El Candelabro. We will then return to the port of Paracas, and travel to the desert oasis of Huacachina for lunch. We will then travel to the town of Ica, and visit Cabrera Museum, where there are many mysterious carved stones. We will say at our Hotel Casa Andina. B-L-D


SEPTEMBER 14: In the early morning, we will take a flight to see the Nazca Lines from above, which are quite fascinating and mysterious. These are huge figures of various forms, such as a spider and a monkey that can only be visualized from air. We will then travel to Ica and have lunch, and then visit a pisco (grape brandy) factory in the city of Pisco. We will arrive very happy into Lima, to check in to our Hotel Habitad. B-L


SEPTEMBER 15: After breakfast, we will visit the Museum of Larco Hoyle. We will have lunch, and then visit the craft market in Lima, which will allow for last minute gift shopping. We will have an early dinner at Restaurant Rosa nautical as our last time together, and then be transported to the airport for our flights home. B-L-D

Journey to Peru with Dr. Sheila Mitchell

This wonderful journey involves travel to multiple, very distinct areas of Peru so that you may experience the maximum of your time in Peru, including the Andes mountains, Peruvian jungle and coast. Our journey will involve various modes of travel within the country, including private bus, train, boat and airplane.

Journey to Peru with Dr. Sheila Mitchell

The cost for all of this will be: $3,800 per person for 14 days and 13 nights, double occupancy.
This includes:

  • 35 meals (13 breakfasts, 13 lunches and 9 dinners);
  • All tickets to all sites visited;
  • All national travel within Peru (bus, train, boat and plane);
  • Ceremonies;
  • Guides.
  • Single supplement is $490 extra.

International travel, alcoholic beverages and tips are not included.

A deposit of $1,800 is due by March 31th, 2017.
You can pay by check or money order to:
Sheila Mitchell, M.D. P.O. Box 871030 Vancouver, WA 98687
Please note that final payment of $2,000 is due by June 30th, 2017.

For your convenience, credit card payments may be made through Pay Pal below:

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Journey to Peru with Dr. Sheila MitchellPlease take some time to prepare for this journey; for this is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey. Review your intentions and goals for the journey, and become clear on these. Prepare yourself physically by exercising regularly and maintaining a good, clean diet; as well as trying to abstain from or at least reduce addictive substances such as cigarettes and alcohol. This will help our bodies and minds be open and clean to work with the energies and plants of Peru. Spend some quiet time each day reflecting on your present life, and how this journey might expand your vision and purpose of your life. Based on my experience – making this journey to Peru for 17 years, now – this will be a life changing, enlightening and magical journey for all of us!


Journey to Peru 2017

Sheila Mitchell with Ruben Orellana